Join Our Story

It has been estimated that over 20,000 items come into The Princeton Closet every month, with a significant increase seen during the summer. Once these items enter our doors, there is a great deal of work involved in their preparation for sale: sorting, hanging, cleaning, pricing, and ultimately, preparing them for display. Our customers’ selections are checked out, bagged, and wrapped by our cashier staff and volunteers. Oftentimes, assistance is needed to carry purchases to the vehicles. While all this is taking place, items are continually being restocked by yet more volunteers. In addition, other volunteers are in the back greeting donors and trying to keep up with incoming bags, boxes and other assorted treasures.

The Princeton Closet currently has only 3 paid employees and around 50 volunteers. We could really use more help!

We have volunteers of all ages offering their time and areas of interest to benefit The Princeton Closet. We have some volunteers working a few hours per week, while some work two days or more. The volunteer time is flexible, which helps to fit into many people’s busy lives.


Service Hours Available

Know of a young person looking to fulfill high school community service hours? Please encourage them to consider contacting us to help. Volunteers must be 15 years old or an incoming Freshman. Students regularly mention how much fun they have.

Be Our Guest

Drop in on a Monday through Wednesday, when the store is closed, to see how busy our volunteers are. We use this time to prepare the store for the excited shoppers on Wednesday mornings, who know that the store has been restocked with many new treasures. If you are interested in volunteering there is a simple form to fill out below. This form lets us know the days you might be available to volunteer. Keep in mind that although we work hard, at the same time we are sharing in Christian love and having fun!

Evening Opportunities

We occasionally have evening sorting sessions. This is our opportunity to play “catch up” to the multitude of items we receive. These donated items can only be profitable when they are placed on our sales floor. After working together, we often treat ourselves with dinner and fellowship.Because of this, volunteer opportunities are 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday and usually a minimum of one night a week.